My Birth Chart

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The planets at the point of my birth




The whole Universe consists of energy where every single aspect affects all the others.

Our chosen paths are encoded in the unique configuration of energies as formed by the planets over the place of our births at the time of our births.



A Soul chooses its path before incarnating into a body. Then it identifies the most suitable time and place to be born. The joint influence of the planets helps the person along the chosen path.

My chart was interpreted by three independent astrologers and their conclusions are entirely clear and consistent. Below is an interpretation by Ceri Lance Jones, focusing on my work as a spiritual teacher and healer.

Birth Chart

Interpreted by Ceri Lance Jones, Spiritual Astrologer

Your Sun is in Pisces. The Piscean qualities are compassion, understanding and intuition. But  the most important aspect of Pisceans' path is the Spiritual level. You are very Piscean, in that you have four planets in Pisces, one of which is Jupiter. Jupiter in Pisces means that you will excel in the Spiritual endeavours, and will find fulfillment in the field. With the North Node of the Moon, Mercury and Mars in Pisces, your spiritual direction in life is supported by your self-expression, mind, energy, and need for expansion.

Your Sun is in the tenth house, which is the house of career and the Highest Goals. Your spiritual career is the most important aspect of your current life. The Mercury in your tenth house indicates that you will use your scientific mind as part of it, and that your spiritual work will be highly logical. Your ideas will be original and even visionary. Your ascendant in Gemini emphasises the importance of thinking and communication. Your moon is in Sagittarius. Sagittarians are always looking for the meaning of life, and are following it.

Your midheaven is in Aquarius and that does indicate something alternative, not the mainstream, not the norm. You have Uranus in the first house; you can appear as someone quite unconventional and different to other people, but also someone very fascinating. There is glamour to Uranus as well; a person with this aspect will have an aura, a charisma. Uranus always brings growth, progress, and it is very intuitive. Your Venus is in the eleventh house and this suggests a person open to the needs of others regardless background, race or class.

Mars represents your strength and your energies, and your energies are Piscean. Every item of your chart emphasises spirituality. It urges you to almost dissolve any structures and limitations and bring out the spiritual qualities in full. In fact, you have the chart of a gifted healer who can greatly benefit others in this lifetime.

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