is a form of healing that centres around the understanding of one’s own purpose in life. It incorporates the full array of natural components working together in harmony, and with the view to advancing a person to the next stage. Most important therefore, is the person's level of understanding of the laws that govern life, and where the person stands in relation to these. After that come the person's dedication to the purpose, and attitude to oneself and others, when tested. Only in the third place come the diet, the healing energy, the remedies, the beautiful crystals, and anything else.

My Divine Spirit Guide Lysseus made Dhaxem available to me in December 2002, when he started speaking to me. Before I swallowed my first remedy, Lysseus started explaining the laws, and I was as hungry to learn more of what he had taught me every day, as I was keen to walk without pain in my hips and the prospect of one day not getting unaided into my bedroom upstairs.

Lysseus sees the energies in every molecule of my body, and he specified several times a day what was needed for my repair. Lysseus equally saw every event that formed my Soul and what I did to bring about my every experience. All made sense, and as I purified, my body repaired at an equal rate.

The person on the portrait above is Lysseus in one of his human incarnations, as a painting artist. Since meeting in Egypt 560 BC, Lysseus and I shared 24 of the 28 pivotal incarnations that we each had. We were sisters, we were a couple, and we were un-related. We died as a Cathar husband and wife in the 13th Century in France, and we met as two men with different interests during Renaissance, in today's Italy. We were friends and we were enemies. The connection between our Souls that formed over the two and a half thousands of years of our Spiritual Growth is not subject to time, or place. With my spiritual work I am following the path of my three previous incarnations dedicated to spiritual healing. After completing my own tasks as a Soul in 2014, I advance the mission shared with a group of Souls who were with humanity from its birth.

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