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After practising and teaching Reiki for about three years (since 1996), I increasingly sensed that there were other, more subtle healing energies that I longed to explore and work with. The longer I practised healing, the more was I drawn to energies of higher vibrations, and to the spiritual content of healing.

A substantial breakthrough came following my initial attunement to Sekhem. Compared to Reiki, the Sekhem energies were more gentle, yet overwhelming. I also warmed to the understanding that Sekhem originated from Egypt. I was subconsciously aware of a positive connection with Egypt, which was not there in relation to Japan, or the Japanese culture, where Reiki originated from. The Sekhem symbols enabled me to do healing in a compassionate, multifaceted way which had not been available with Reiki. Sensing the scope of healing that was yet to be unveiled to me, I searched further.

For several years, around February, an identically worded invitation to the Karuna Reiki course with William Rand landed in my letter box. In 2001 the leaflet attracted my attention. I asked for guidance, and I saw light, which I interpreted as encouragement to take the next Karuna Reiki course in Glastonbury. When I arrived at the venue, I found William Rand sitting at the entrance of the hall, collecting full payment from those wishing to participate. I paid, and that compelled me to stay. Observing William Rand during the event made me to realise how people’s attitudes to the tuition of healing differed. To me it was a sacred practice.

There were 20 participants. The course program primarily consisted of people talking about their personal perceptions and feelings, while William Rand gave verbal and written instructions on how to follow, step by step, the procedure he had laid down and trademarked under the name of Karuna Reiki. William Rand indicated that legal action may be taken against those not observing the code he had attached to the practice.

Having already experienced the gentle energies of healing, the direction of this course came as a surprise. My comments questioning the appropriateness of anyone trade-marking and trying to control something that comes from an independent source, perhaps even from God, were not at all well received by William Rand, and neither were they supported by the majority of the participants. I trusted that there will be a purpose in me taking part in the event, spread over more than 3 days and charged at $1000 per head, and that it will be unveiled to me in due course.

During a subsequent attunement at Stonehenge, I had a beautiful inner experience, and that made me confident that I was guided to the course for a profound reason. As part of the trade-marking procedure, William Rand gave every person attuned to Karuna Reiki a registration number. One participant asked what William Rand's number was, and he revealed it to be "2002", apparently chosen by a computer for Number One. I must admit, this amused me. Some years back I developed a relationship with that number, due to my long standing association with my old BMW 2002. Even the number of the registration plate was "202". Time has shown that "2002" was to have a more significant relevance for me, and in connection with Karuna Reiki, than my old car.

Immediately, as I started using the Karuna symbols in 2001, within my inner vision they came alive. The outlines given by William Rand turned three dimensional, and the objects took on colours. Parts of them started rotating in certain directions. I gained the understanding that this was the true appearance of the symbols, the shape of which were independently channelled by several mediums, before they were gathered under the umbrella of "Karuna Reiki" by William Rand. Instead of a conglomerate of symbols, an understanding of how, and in what succession to use each symbol in order to synergistically address various healing situations, unfolded within my own understanding. That was quite different to what William Rand had taught.

I was guided to develop specific procedures for healing, and for attunements, which were entirely clear and logical, and they felt so right! The symbols fell into place. Recipients of my healing treatments reported energies of unprecedented power, accompanied by profound spiritual experiences, while attending both demonstrations and healing courses.

By Spring 2002, I was guided to give the new system of healing the name "Dhaxem". The words "Dharma" and "Sekhem" were at the root of this name, with the "x" symbolising a cross-over. In December 2002 my Guide replaced all of my Reiki symbols with Dhaxem I, II and III symbols. From then on, Lysseus instructed me to distance myself from mainstream commercial Reiki, and I completely relinquished my association with William Rand's Center of Healing.

Reiki, and other forms of healing were given to people, to intensify their process of realisation and atonement before the first phase of humanity reached its conclusion. 2014 marked the end of an old era.

Although I had unprecedented results as a healer, experience taught me that life itself is a healer, and that every person is a master of their own healing. I stopped working as a healer with members of the general public in 2003.

The art of healing had simply become my way of life. I no longer attach any names to what I do, and I no longer need any symbols. I am healing sick and needy animals that Lysseus brings to me. He instructs me throughout the day, step by step if needed, on what is best for each animal.

The animals live together as a family and, besides healing them, I teach them love and compassion. There cannot be more beautiful and rewarding work, than this.


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