A Soul heals by Growth and Purification  It is irrelevant whether the person has any conscious awareness of their spirituality, or not. People, who seek to gain a deeper comprehension of life and like exploring new possibilities, heal faster, and they grow spiritually.

The path to fulfilment is unique in each case  If a person becomes aware of their spiritual path, their healing can accelerate. Personal relationships, employment, career, hobbies, attitude to money, and all other aspects of life can be relevant, and are expected to be dealt with in an appropriate order. All life’s experiences, positive, as well as negative, need to be viewed as positive stimuli with regards to own progress. Even if some people’s actions seem to have a negative impact on desires and expectations, it still has a positive purpose. Personal failures and disappointments facilitate purification, or they are a form of pay-backs. The ego, avoidance of “risks”, and jealousy stand in the way of Soul healing. No one is allowed to suffer undue harm, and due “harm” heals the Soul. Life is a succession of lessons and tests. Comparing own circumstances with those of others is meaningless, because different people have different lessons to learn.

Wilfully harming others “through the ether” is not possible.  Any such suggestions are illogical. Those, who suffer with nightmares, usually accompanied with visions of deep purple colours, are reminded by their own Soul about own negative deeds, including from a distant past. If a certain type of experiences tends to produce anxieties without an apparent reason, the person is purifying from having perpetrated, or having assisted in the perpetration of a negative act, in a similar context. This can go away faster, if the person realises the connection, and if he or she makes a conscious effort to make amends. Sometimes all that is required is to acknowledge a mistake, and genuinely to regret. Denial and blaming others are counter-productive, and they are a form of self-harm. Insisting on having the right to act incorrectly, or even unjustly towards others, is a form of suicide.

If the anxieties are further accompanied with the visions, it could be in dreams, of people the person knows, the transgression may have occurred in relation to them, but more often, individuals appearing in visions mirror own characteristics. People usually do not feel good in company of those other people in whom they subconsciously recognise own flaws. It can be hard to acknowledge unattractive traits in one-self, but easy to see them in others.

An understanding of the laws of spirituality helps people to heal, if they can relate the theory to practice. When a person reaches the point of recognising him or herself as an immortal Soul on the path to previously unknown opportunities, life with all of its tribulations, becomes but a liberating experience. If you are used to conceptual thinking, study the Cathar Testament. For an introduction into spirituality: What is Spirituality

Superstitions are a form of ignorance  Superstitions may be connected to certain religions, and they can be an exciting subject to people unable of reaching logical conclusions on the less tangible aspects of life, but superstitions are incompatible with true spirituality. Anything that does not make sense has no place in the thinking of an intelligent person with the genuine desire to connect with God.

People, who perceive the outside world as an opportunity to act to the highest good of everyone, grow best. More advanced Souls subconsciously think and act with the good of others in mind.

Making mistakes does not stand in the way of growth. The correction of mistakes is an essential part of healing. A perfect Soul will not incarnate, unless it is to show the way. Coinciding with the start of the second phase of humanity in 2014, the return of a Divine Soul had been predicted for the beginning of the 21st century.

Healing brings relief and sometimes also new stimuli   If a previously blocked area of life, one in which the person may have felt “stuck”, reopens with new possibilities, it would be a sign that they have made a progress in terms of having learned a lesson, or that they have purified in relation to a relevant transgression. The release may be accompanied with new inspiration, and there may even be an influx of additional energy. Many Souls experience euphoria when departing from incarnation and it is a sign of the goals set for the lifetime being reached. Opportunities to incarnate are precious, and a wise Soul will fill its lifetimes with as effective lessons and tasks, as it can muster.

Procrastination does not heal the Soul and a betrayal of moral or ethical goals amounts to an injury. If there is no continuation of the Soul, any of its useful energy is recycled in the creation of new Souls.

Everyone thinks about spirituality at a level into which he or she has matured  It is important to be aware of the differences.

Forcing on others the belief about a possibly higher form of life over and above the life in a body is out of order. If a person believes that they will die in every sense at the point of their physical death, it is almost certainly the correct assumption in relation to them. Everyone is the master of their own fate as a human being, and as a Soul. Of the first phase of humanity which has concluded in 2014, only a minority of Souls secured for themselves eternal life in bliss. The majority are dying in body and in Soul. The incoming second phase will lead the Spiritual Age, and it will be more successful.

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