Michelangelo Buonarroti's paintings from the Sistine Chapel powerfully depict the triumph of human spirit over pain.   

Science tried and failed to find a cure, while “miraculous” disappearances continue proving there is one.

Stress and trauma are not the cause of cancer, though they may but need not antecede an outbreak, and anyone who expects to read beyond that a sufferer needs to boost their self-image and be nice to themselves in order to help the monster go away – will be disappointed, because I have something different to say.

If you, or a loved one were diagnosed, the most important thing you need to know is that cancer is on your side.

If you deal with it to the best of your ability, you will make progress. Hiding in a sweet scented cloud of incense could result in missing a revealing journey and not taking charge – which means that cancer will have to do your work for you. Hurling bricks at the cancer mindlessly, will make both of you lose.

You have the choice. No one can heal another person’s cancer, only the person him or her-self.

Should my article manage to inspire a positive outlook in at least one person facing an experience with cancer, I will be delighted. My main inspiration came from my father who died peacefully and painlessly of cancer when he was ready to go, at 82, without any medication or a single pain killer, and whilst I had only Reiki.

Approach to Cancer

Cancer is not a tragedy, and neither is it a curse – it is an experience.

Cancer starts in the Soul, prior to incarnation, and its purpose is to heal the Soul. Embracing the experience and taking a positive stance is the only constructive way forward.

The way in which cancer affects the person will depend on what each Soul needs to derive from the experience.

All cases of “miraculous” recovery from “terminal cancer” will have entailed fundamental changes in the value systems of those affected. It could be said, that in order to heal, the sufferer had to become a “new person”.

No two cancers have identical roots.

Old ways of life effectively ended when the outbreak occurred. The outbreak occurred in order to end them, because allowing them to continue would not be conducive to the Soul’s needs.

Cancer requires patience and discipline. Cancer is the good person’s disease. It is an option for Souls who work hard and some aim high. Only in a minority of cases is cancer a punishment.

The “mechanics”

Andreas Moritz in his book “Cancer is not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism” formulates the belief that cancer is a healing process the purpose of which is to tackle another illness that could have led to death; and that an outbreak is the body’s last desperate attempt to save itself. Therefore, he maintains, it is important not to go on killing the cancer, but to eliminate the reasons that lead to it. Without eliminating the reasons, the cancer will return.

Cancer works with the Soul along similar lines. It protects the Soul from further damage, and it may be the last desperate attempt to save the Soul. The life of a Soul is under threat when it becomes unable to grow. Clinging on to old values after they become redundant prevents the Soul from growing.

Every experience is relevant to the Souls of everyone who is affected by it. If a serious illness affects family members more than the sufferer, it was more relevant to them.

Souls are aware of what awaits them before incarnating; and they know why they choose an experience. A Soul will sacrifice not just one, but if required several lifetimes, to achieve an outcome that is important to all who are affected by it.

Cancer is not fundamentally different from other serious illness. It is perceived differently due to the stigma attached to it.

Except for a Soul with a mission, a pure Soul will not incarnate and a Soul chooses parents matching the experience they both need. Family ties are not always based on a loving bond between similar Souls. A close encounter between contrasting Souls can provide better opportunities for growth, as well as purification.

The healing

In order to heal, people need to accept responsibility for their own health and work along the cancer. It is best to start by asking: What is this experience trying to teach me? What new or different opportunities does it present?

A useful self-test is to imagine that you are with someone who is with you constantly, and can see and read every thought that you might have. If the idea feels uncomfortable, there may be work that you are expected to do. Only because you cannot see your companion, it does not mean that you do not have one. It speaks to people through their own conscience. Silencing it by switching on the television could be a form of suicide.

Even when the thoughts become as pure as can be, you may still have a task, and a lesson to learn. The process of learning and transformation takes time. In order to heal, you will have to learn your lesson from all presenting angles and recognise the correct answer even when “disguised” in new sets of circumstances. Take notice of any theme that repeats itself. It is trying to teach you something, but it may be unique and personal to you. Do not expect others to know and to tell you, and you must be entirely honest with yourself.

Spirit Guides are helping those who are guided to find answers through symbolism, visions, and premonitions. It is important to take notice of these, and to take care when interpreting them. To develop such abilities at a professional level requires years of experience in addition to the gift, but people usually develop the ability to sense the correct answer in relation to them-selves. It is important not to mix in wishful thinking, but to open up - even to guidance which introduces a different slant than what may be preferred personally, or generally adopted. Serious problems in life are triggered by clinging on to values not worth pursuing, and an illness is an invitation to start with a review.

The success of a lifetime is not measured in years. Unnecessary fears hamper healing, and the ability to think beyond the matter helps to dissolve them. Attachment to possessions, others, and status are chains. Attachment does not heal, love does.

Andreas Moritz further believes, that people have cancer without knowing and that most (undiagnosed) cancers come and go by themselves, because the body’s immune system had been designed to deal with them. Therefore, the most important factor in suppressing an outbreak is the body’s own immune system.

A tumour may build around the part of the body which became a physical trigger of an outbreak. If possible, starting with the surgical removal of the affected parts reduces the amount of work the immune system will be required to do.

Healing by Nutrition

Dhaxem works with diets. Nutrition is not only a source of energy, but also the building material from which the body constantly renews its different cells. Many degenerative diseases could be fended off with nutrition, and only nutrition can enable the repair in one part of the body without triggering new imbalances in another.

As far as possible, the body needs to be kept free of obstructions, by removing possible gastric deposits, stones, and parasites. Specific cleanses done once, and only over a short period of time, may use the body’s reaction to some less common combinations of food.

Only a pure Soul will long only for pure nutrition. The food that people are guided to eat and are attracted to, matches their thoughts and their lifestyle. The body will reflect the person inside.

Conscious toxic intake remains attractive to many, just as there are cases when someone unwittingly develops an appetite for something unusual and the substance happens to aid repair of a kind, in their case.

There are diets (all strictly vegetarian), specific cleanses and herbal remedies which have assisted in the suppression of cancer in some cases, and there are books and centres which propagate them as cancer cures.

Different procedures suit different people (and different cancers). A potent diet would be unique to each individual, because no two people have identical needs, similar to no two people having the same DNA. Even the nutrition which is “good” for the body today will not be “good” for it next week, because if the body heals, its requirements mutate, and a potent diet will have to lead the need. Every bite of what the person eats matters, and will affect the outcome. Food from the supermarket will not contain sufficient concentration of active ingredients and quality food state supplements may be able to make up for potency.

A potent diet is unlikely to follow conventional recipes.

A variety of juices, dried or powdered plant products and herbal extracts on the market are perceived as beneficial by some people.

Even with the most extreme of diets, the rule is not to take into the body food which tastes, looks or smells revolting. Only the best and most pure nutrition can heal.

The degree to which the body heals is decided by any progress made by the Soul, and that is measured by how much the Soul grew or purified through the experience.

The Soul’s purpose is to achieve its goals, and incarnation is a means to an end. Self-preservation is the natural reaction of most physical forms of life.


Many believe that diets cannot treat cancer. Conventional diets cannot. In case of a dog that survived diagnosed invasive adenocarcinoma at 12 and a half, the Dhaxem diet under the most accurate advice possible (initially specified every three hours by God), was so extreme that under current legislation it would be illegal to apply to people. Yet the side effects were negligible compared to chemotherapy, which is the proper legal treatment for humans, despite the fact that many of the patients still die. All side effects were subsequently repaired. No drugs whatsoever were used during the treatment; the dog regained fitness and strength after the procedures, and died of old age at 16 and a half. The body’s immune system tracked down and separated the invading cancer cells into well encapsulated pockets which were surgically removed. The photo below was taken when the dog reached 15 years of age in apparent outstanding health.

See Lab report below.


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