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Not many people are aware that medical research has shown, that joints can be repaired and osteoporosis can be reversed when supplying the body with the correct nutrition. It should include calcium, manganese, magnesium, folic acid, boron, zinc, copper silicon, vitamin C, and vitamin D in appropriate amounts. The repair is subject to the organs involved in the absorption and assimilation of the nutrients working efficiently. By the time a person develops age related advanced osteoporosis, other age related deterioration will have occurred, and the osteoporosis is part of the overall process of wear and tear of the body. The reversal will be subject to a co-ordinated repair of all relevant functions. Under Divine Guidance, I identify all existing deficiencies in the body, which tends to involve cleansing, or even repairing the liver. The results achieved with people and animals in relation to joint healing thus far are a sufficient testimony to the efficacy of my healing.

Since January 2003, I worked with Dhaxem on the joints of all of my dogs, none of whom showed a sign of arthritis, or hip pain, since. At the same time I worked on my own joints. I used to suffer with hip pains for 15 years, but was pain free within 2 years, by 2005.

By the time she was 14, my dog Abbie developed weak hips. This is a common condition in dogs aged 7 years and older. Abbie was also healed for 2 years, and the X-ray on the left shows her pelvis and spine at her age of 17 and a half. It was taken at the Abbey Green veterinary practice in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, on the 28th February 2005: While the spine shows signs of wear and tear, and the presence of arthritis, the pelvic bones and the thigh bones are very firm, and show no damage whatsoever. Perfect bones like this would normally not be expected to be found in a dog older than 7 years.

My dentist at 45 Rodney Road in Cheltenham was in 1997 concerned about fitting me a new bridge due to the advanced recession of my upper jaw. The dentist feared that the jaw would not be able to carry the weight of a bridge. Since the late 1980s, my dental X-rays were showing severe bone losses. My gums have not tolerated bridges well, and in 2005 I lost another tooth that carried my last bridge. In 2008 a dentist confirmed that the x-ray of my jaws shows new bone and he was able to fit me two zirconium implants, instead of an even bigger bridge. The retention of individual implants does not have an excellent track record; my two implants have settled, and I hope that they will serve me well for the rest of my life. Most implants are titanium, but I refused titanium, because the adverse reaction of my gums to the bridges, which also contained metal, made me to believe that my jaws, and possibly my body, do not tolerate metal. It looks like I may have been right.

From 1996 onwards I suffered almost constantly with lower back and hip pain. From around 2000 the pain spread into my legs. I learned from a GP that the pain in the spot which was most sensitive, on the inside of the hip joint, is considered a reliable sign of a hip being worn. I had regular chiropractic treatments for two years, between 2000 and 2001. Within approximately two weeks from the chiropractor correcting the position, my pelvic bone would have tilted back out, as the result of which I used to have one leg longer than the other, by 7-8 mm. That put pressure on the joints of the “longer” leg which led to sciatic pain. Pelvic movement involving rotation was becoming impossible. Without realising it, I started limping to protect the “longer” leg. I observed myself walking in a shop window; it was a walk of a person 25 years older than I have been. I even started leaning to one side while standing. My healer friends could feel lumps the size of tangerines on the edges of my sacrum, most notably at the edge of my right hip which was the more painful one. The chiropractor advised that such lumps tend to be pockets of fluid which accumulate around the joints, when the sacroiliac joint does not function correctly. The chiropractor suggested massage. No amount of massage using the firmest friction reduced my lumps, and they felt firm and fibrous. I always led an active life and it was almost as if the lumps would have wrapped themselves around my hips to protect them.

One year after Lysseus started speaking to me and healing me, the Report from the X-ray of my pelvis, taken on the 18th November 2003 at the Cheltenham General Hospital reads: “SI joints and hip joints well preserved”(!). The lumps have reduced to the size of a bean, and when I was measured at the hospital for height, instead of my previously registered 152 cms, I found that I “grew” by 2 and cms, standing 154 cms tall. The increase in height may have been the result of the repair of the connective tissue covering my joints. Such a result would have been the reversal of the normal process of atrophy that takes place as one gets older and the joints get worn, for which it is generally presumed that there is no cure. I did not need a corrective chiropractic treatment for my hips since 2002. I walk straight and briskly again, and hip movements are no longer a problem.

Better preserved hips compared to the rest of the skeletal structure is under normal circumstances a rare occurrence in humans and in dogs. Hips are the heaviest worn part of the body. The pelvic bone represents the body's largest presence of calcium on which the body draws at times of a need and when not enough calcium is absorbed from nutrition. Hip problems are common with middle aged and older people, and the same applies to dogs.

Even if a repair is achieved at a certain point in life, in order to retain healthy bones and joints, it is important to continue with maintenance. This requires not just quality nutrition, but also a periodic intake of supplements, oils, minerals and possibly natural digestive aids, in case of an older person. The products are not cheap, and they are not available on the NHS. Even with the best possible advice, the natural maintenance of an entirely healthy skeletal structure will depend on income. Falling below a certain level, one is left with painkillers which tell the brain there is no pain, while the body wears down even further.

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