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Only those who so live, should call themselves Christians.

Corascendea, Modern Parfaite, 2010

Much had been written about the Cathars and their persecution. Here is my collection of articles from several authors on this, and associated topics (click):   Stories    Texts

The most important aspect of the Cathars was their knowledge. Between 1242-1244 at Montségur, the Cathars developed full comprehension of the Divine Order. It was written down by their leader Bertrand Marty, the Cathar Bishop of Toulouse; and 330 of the Montségur Cathars became the first group of humans to reach full enlightenment. After the death of the Montségur Cathars in March 1244, Marty’s scriptures were not found. They were, together with a chalice, and some letters, safely hidden shortly before the fortress fell.


Conveyed by a Divine Soul in 2006 the Divine Order had been written down in modern language, and published on dhaxem.com as “The Cathar Testament".


The Divine Order is the most significant aspect of the “Cathar treasure”. The legends refer to the contents as the “Holy Grail”, in that it teaches the rules by which eternal life is attained. Once absorbed into a consciousness (into a Soul), along with all the consequences of personal behaviour and attitudes, the consciousness becomes immortal because it would not transgress against the Divine Laws under any circumstances. Suffering and terminal existence are the prices of transgression. The ultimate price, for the most serious transgression, is immortality in the state of suffering.

In the middle ages the materialistic Church has replaced the esoteric understanding of the Holy Grail with the notion of it being a physical cup associated with Christ’s last supper, and/or with his crucifixion.

To those who are not ready to comprehend and to receive the wisdom, the Divine Order may be meaningless words from yet another “religious” concept belonging to a sect. Catharism is not a religion and neither were/are the Cathars a sect. Truth is not made up by the number of followers. Religions stood between man and God as ideological weapons suppressing individuality. Particularly the interpretation of Christ as the Son of God who gave his life to redeem the wrongdoings of others had the potential to allude in the plebs a perception of their own inadequacy and guilt. Catharism builds on individuality and expects the adept to flourish as an individual capable of their own expression. Catharism represents the truth by which everyone is judged.

Ancient nations, like the ancient Egyptians, lived with God. Nations were still dying for God in the middle ages. To date, the Christian Church proudly claims the brutal murder of unarmed Cathar men, women and children, whose “fault” had been their sincere desire to live according to the values of the early Christians, to be its most significant victory. Only when man has lost his connection to God could a principle which promotes evil be accepted by society in the name of God. If evil minds could enter heaven at a mere expression of regret thanks to a sacrificial lamb, then heaven would be just another hell, and Jesus Christ would be the Satan himself.

Because the tenet makes no sense, it became asserted that God cannot be understood by humans. The exact opposite is true. God is entirely logical and predictable. His rules are clear and there are no exceptions.

The Cathars do not recruit. Cathars are self-made individuals who are born in an arduous process of learning and tests, spanning many lifetimes, while only the Final Judgment can grant a pass into the realm of eternal peace. The Cathars see their own enrichment in the attainment of others. If the core of society, or the majority of people, had the capacity and the will to comprehend the Divine Order, it would change the order of the world.

Bureaucrats leading humanity into wars and ever growing global suffering can usurp societal supremacy only if humanity remains in darkness and human beings behave like sheep. This is about to end, because the old generation of Souls born without a conscience, and drowning in greed, is dying in every sense; while a new generation of Souls, with love seeded inside them, takes over the process.

The Return of the Cathars, just as the Second Coming of Christ (and as the return of Dagobert II, an earlier incarnation of the third Divine Soul), had been predicted for the beginning of the 21st Century. They all refer to the same last incarnation of the third Divine Soul who came to oversee the end of the first phase of humanity, and to introduce the second phase Souls for their tasks in the Spiritual Age.


The Cathars were not only aware of the laws of spirituality; they also had extensive medical knowledge. Progress of their medicine followed in the footsteps of Hippocrates, with a scientific study and analysis of the body and all of its needs. The Cathars realised that the state of the body reflects the thoughts and the deeds of a person. The Cathar perfecti (or parfaits), who were also healers, travelled amongst the people and above all, taught the laws by which to live a pure lifestyle that will be conducive to health. The Cathars were aware of the importance of food, and also, that a pure Soul will long only for pure, natural nutrition, obtained without the suffering of warm-blooded animals. Although it had not been possible to erase the memory of the Cathars from the human mind, their demise also denied the world of their wisdom about the effective treatment of the body and mind.

These ruins have become a monument to the memory of the Cathars. The original citadel had been destroyed in order to prevent it from serving that purpose. Thousands of people annually visit Montségur, to pay their respects to the Cathars and to the 225 perfecti who, on 16th March 1244, marched singing into the bonfires already prepared for them. The leader of the inquisition, who oversaw the fall of Montségur, had been watching for 14 hours, as fire had been driven through the tower, and left only after witnessing how any surviving crew members, two priestesses and the children they oversaw, jumped from the top to die on the rocks below the citadel. The two children who had not died from the fall were “finished off” by the sword.

The infirm were kept on the ground floor. Those unable to stand up were killed in their sick-beds. After failing to protect the Cathar leader with his own body, a Catholic priest who had also become a perfect, asked God to forgive the Church he represented, and jumped after the Cathars into the flames. Many thousands of Catholics were killed during the persecution of the Cathars; a fair number of sincere Catholic priests became perfects, and the Cathars and the Catholics generally experienced true friendship and mutual commitment, the like of which has not often been seen in history.

The portrait of Christ above is by folk artist Don Marco.

We would be grateful if people with a good command of other languages would volunteer their time to the translation of the Cathar Testament into further languages.


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