Tuition is in the hands of the Spirit Guides. If you come to a workshop, it would be because your Spirit Guide brings you along, and our Guides will work together on the result. The Spirit Guides have a sense of humour, they were humans. The degree to which people benefit from a course depends more on their desire to learn and advance than on what they may have read, or done before. People may be at different levels, but the Guides bring together to a workshop people who are suitable. Suitability is measured in terms of the degree to which participants can learn from each other. I teach spirituality since 1997. I do not ask people to believe anything, I share with them, and they practice and feel, and can reach their own conclusions. The candidates' work with own Guides continues when they go home. Learning ends when life ends, but you are in charge of the final outcome.

Developing a deeper Soul awareness helps with issues of terminal illness, disability, relationships, and bereavement. Whatever your circumstances, you will be given the explanations you deserve and need.



The Divine Order
The Divine Order and how to heal, talks and workshops

If you are looking for a rational explanation to God, and for the meaning of life, then this workshop would be for you. The Divine Order (click to read) is succinctly presented in an easy to understand form, and with reference to examples. You will walk away with logical answers to such questions as "Who is God and where has he come from?", "Why does God allow disease and suffering?" and "How can humans free themselves of suffering?" If or when you grasp the Order, it will change your life.

Practical healing
Introduction to healing, understanding energy

If you had healing, may be thinking about it, or would just like to know how it "technically" works, this workshop would be for you. Healing and spiritual matters are clear and logical to those who understand them. The workshop is almost entirely experiential. You will be "doing" something all the time. You may discover that after all, you have a sixth sense, and you will be taught how to use it.

Product of the past, and what the future holds
Understand yourself as a product of the past and what the future holds, 2 days workshop of personal self-discovery

If you ever had the feeling of déjà vu, or premonitions, and wanted to find out more and who you really are, then this workshop should give you the answers you need. It combines spiritual theory with practice whilst the focus is on developing a correct understanding of your true self, where you came from, and who you ultimately want to become. You are expected to leave the course aware of personal goals. Following these will prove rewarding.

The Divine Order Advanced
In-depth tuition of the Divine Order is based on self-study of the Cathar Testament. Group and individual support by arrangement.

The complete knowledge of the Divine Order represents full enlightenment. An entirely pure and fully enlightened Soul need not incarnate. The study of the Divine Order speeds up those processes that propel the Soul to the next stage and bring it closer to life without pain. A person aiming at full enlightenment would live according to the rules, not just study them. Sensible questions are answered free of charge over the internet, within 24 hours.

Dhaxem healing

The ability to show an understanding of the laws of healing via the understanding of the Divine Order is required with an application for the introduction into the Dhaxem healing practice. Commercial "attunements" on demand to Dhaxem healing would not work. Dhaxem healing requires the knowledge in order for the Divine energy facilitating Dhaxem to activate through the candidate. The candidate must show to be worthy, and the Spirit Guide decides.

Crystals :

Crystals for home and family

1 day comprehensive introduction to crystals


This workshop is intended for people who feel attracted to crystals, but may not be quite sure how to use them. The course will help you to develop a connection, and will give you confidence to use crystals for yourself, your loved ones, and around the home.


Advanced Crystal workshop

Crystal healing, Dowsing with pendulum, Crystal programming,

2 days Comprehensive crystal work


In just one weekend this workshop comprehensively introduces the participants to the worth of crystals to humans, animals, and the environment. The aim is to unleash an intuitive understanding about crystals in people attracted to them, and to allow the participants to experience and experiment with a wide range of crystals. All forms of crystal use are covered, including dowsing and crystal programming. For further details click here.


Dowsing and Angel Cards

For home and healing, Introduction course


This is a one day experiential workshop using the pendulum and Angel Cards. How and why dowsing works is explained and the correct way of using a pendulum is taught in relation to most likely situations. Angel Cards, their correct interpretation, and use with or without a pendulum are covered. Some people prefer Tarot in place, or in addition, to Angel Cards. This workshop could be an enjoyable foundation to other self-awareness and personal development courses.



All workshops available to private parties, details to be arranged. Please refer to Price List.


Personal Development:


These workshops take some of the fields described in Tuition further in that the stages are integrated and designed to have a cumulative effect when taken in succession. The focus is on self-growth by actively connecting, and establishing a working relationship with own Spirit Guide.



Stage 1 : Take control

Take control by learning to read an interpret the aura and energy fields, focused meditation, 2 days course


Learn to sense own energy, that of other people, and in the environment. Understand own energies and how to develop them. Become aware of own strengths in relation to options, and take control. In this context "taking control" does not mean manipulation (of self and others), but making the most of own energy resources as the requirements change with every new experience. Learn to daily meditate for additional support and guidance.


Stage 2 : Connect

Connect with Spirit Guide, 2 days


At this stage the candidate establishes conscious connection with own Spirit Guide, accelerating own learning process and growth. This workshop explains the role of the Spirit Guide, and how the Guide works. The Guide's job it is to bring out the best, but also the worst in the person guided. They must work out which is which to move forward with a minimum of pain. Your Guide mastered the lessons you face before you, now it is your turn to learn, the Guide gives you clues, but you are the one sitting the exams. On this occasion you will look back, identify own patterns, and what it might be telling you. The course includes an introduction to spiritual symbolism.


Stage 3 : success

Identify Self, and develop Personal plan for success, 2 days


Building further on self-search accomplished with Stages 1 and 2, and by adding past life awareness (click to read more) and other Soul work at Stage 3, the candidates realize more fully own Soul identity and belonging to appropriate Soul groups (click to read more). What does this mean, and why is this knowledge important, is explained. Under guidance, the candidates develop an awareness of own priorities in life and set out achieving goals. At this stage the learning process becomes truly healing. You will be shown how the contribution of every person to your life is positive, that everything happens at the right time, and that you will never lose anyone, or anything, you truly loved. Success in life is not measured by the amount of pleasures you amassed and leave behind, but by what you achieved and will be able to keep.


Thank you for reading my program. Since 1997, people from Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, and the USA attended and enjoyed my UK based Soul, and Crystal workshops. With their help, The Cathar Testament is available also in other languages. Now we provide tuition, tutoring, consultations and treatments also via the internet, through Skype connection, one to one, or for a group of friends, for people in any part of the World, any time, as individually agreed. Should you decide to join me in person,

or via the internet, I look forward to welcoming you.


With love,

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