The last question in a current questionnaire which names, and displays the logo of, a top British University is: ?What is your religion??, with ?Other? given as an option, and a University professor told me, that he would not pursue ?spirituality?, because he and his academician wife went after the tragic loss of a relative to a meeting where a man standing in front of a crowd of about 75 made statements like ?I see a man in a checked shirt with a dog, asking me to let John know that he is o.k.?, and the professor and his wife left disappointed.

?Ignorance will annoy those insufficiently enlightened, after that it is all just good fun.?

The article is dedicated to who will understand the contents.

A living being capable of developing individual relationships and of bonding with others is a Soul in a body. Not a body with a Soul. The body is a possession that expires.

The body is lent to a Soul for the duration of a lifetime. Not just water, but all elements that make up and aid life, are in constant circulation. They are used as tools for shaping experiences through which Souls grow and purify.

To develop one’s spiritual awareness means the ability to think beyond physical matter, to realize what the essence of human existence is, and what the potential may be…

If a Soul incarnated in a human body chooses to behave differently than expected from humans, its future existence will reflect its desires and actions. No Soul has an unconditional right to existence as a specific consciousness. A Soul is a configuration of particles of energy. In cases of an extreme violation against behaviour appropriate to the incarnation, the particles making up the Soul are returned into circulation, similarly to the remains of a physical body.

History has noted shifts in the presence, or in the volume of life-forms. The disappearance of certain species whilst others remain, or their numbers even grow, is not solely a matter of ecological changes. The existing species and their proportions also fit the need for suitable forms of incarnation. Everything in the Universe makes sense at the Divine level.

“Spirituality” is such a used, abused, and often misunderstood term. Spirituality can be understood only through learning about one-self and through the accumulation of realizations. It requires the willingness to acknowledge the constructive content behind all experiences and their outcomes, beyond own or other people’s subjective views.

True spirituality does not require faith and it is incompatible with dogma.

While spirituality liberates the mind, teaches self-respect, and encourages to take responsibility for own actions, dogma makes the person to feel small, dependent, and susceptible to submit own will, and sometimes even own conscience, to status and power. Dogma builds on the division between humans and God.

True spirituality brings the person to God.

Promoting a division between man and God is the sign of clandestine atheism and of a desire to halt progress with the view to maintaining, or gaining power, or influence, over others.

The only path to wealth is through the acquisition of realisations. Enlightenment leads to the recognition that matter is worthless, and that it represents alienation.

Any group, or organisation claiming to be of faith, while accumulating political power and material wealth, is false. It aims to exploit the desire of others to find the path to God, for own worldly gains.

Genuine spirituality is clear, logical and rational.

True spirituality liberates from fear, and it is incompatible with superstition or black magic. If directed at others, fear, superstition, and black magic are forms of abuse.

A person on a conscious path to God would not fear undeserved harm, because harm comes only from own inappropriate and impure thoughts and actions of which it is an aim of life to purify. Black magic is a form of self-harm. Exorcism involves fear and superstition, and it is a form of black magic.

Only an un-awakened Soul would conceive the desire to interfere with the Divine course of events.

Some sects and alleged “spiritual” groups falsely or mistakenly lead people to believe, that the study of certain beliefs, or certain practices, can lend the power to manipulate others, or even the outcome of cosmic events. Such groups tend to be favoured by people nurturing foolish illusions of spiritual or “psychic” powers, which no human being can have. No-one is stronger than God. Everyone is the creator of their own fate and gets only what they earned by their own thoughts and deeds. Expecting anything else is a delusion, and pledging anything else to others is an abuse of trust.

Humans always tried to better own conditions, including by hoping to influence God. Even the Subjective God became Him by working on Him-self and by sharing own attainments with others. The Divine Laws are perfectly just. No one can abuse them, and there are no shortcuts.

Abuse of others does not represent power. It is a sign of ignorance. Conscious abuse of others is a form of self-destruction.

People at corresponding levels of spiritual maturity do not manipulate cosmic consciousness as if it were an external entity; they are seeking to become a harmoniously creative part of the process. Self-improvement and growth are the only way to fulfilment and to eternal bliss.

Some people are attracted to spirituality for the wrong reasons. In addition to power or money, it can be the fascination with the “unknown”. The acquisition of realisations which qualify the worth of every experience is far more exciting, than could be any “spiritual” mumbo-jumbo, including pastel clad Angels carrying repenting sinners straight to heaven while a man in an apron and skirt produces a cloud of frankincense and myrrh.


The essence of healing

The last decades of the 20th century saw a rise in the popularity of various endeavours to channel energy – own, of others, and of the Universe. It spread under the name of “healing”, usually with reference to a faith. Reiki, claimed to originate from Japan, became particularly popular, while many labelled it a “simple technique” that anyone can learn quickly and easily.

People tend to imagine that healing means in every case the mending of physical defects and imbalances. This is not a correct perception of what is healing. From the spiritual point of view, a physical or mental condition may be helping to fulfil the purpose of life, which means, that it is the illness which heals the person and their Soul. The body is granted a reprieve only after the Soul has learned from, or purified through, the illness. Healing means maturing into the lessons facilitated by the experience.

Some people genuinely thought that by becoming a healer, they could help themselves and others out of difficulties, and to achieve desired goals. Such expectations were destined to be short lived. Any spiritual endeavours can only speed up the processes which are inevitable, and which propel the Soul into the next stage; they cannot change them.

The level, to which people consciously or unconsciously adhere to the Divine Laws, which govern all aspects of life, affects the degree to which they can heal. Only a fully enlightened person will be free of all disease. With age, the body increasingly becomes the outer reflection of the person inside.

Spirituality and healing carry the same content. Only people prepared to undertake additional challenges should seek a more intense spiritual path.


Catharism is the true Christianity

Between 1242 and 1244 Bertrand Marty, the spiritual leader of the Cathars, managed to share at Montségur with three hundred and thirty of the most enlightened perfects his full realisation of the Divine Order, with the correct interpretation of the incarnation of Christ, and of Jesus Christ being the Son of God, the Father. The Church interpretation is twisted. The Church cannot define God, and it admits that it cannot explain the essence of the trinity, or who may be the Holy Ghost. The Church does not appear equally uncertain about own assets and deposits.

The Cathars were a genuine group of Christians. They did what they preached. The appeal of the Cathar lifestyle to Catholic communities was huge. When the spread of Catharism threatened the wealth and the political power of the Church, Rome initiated their genocide. The Inquisition was established with the aim to quash any traces of a revival. Over subsequent centuries the Church tolerated only those who submitted to its worldly power. Today it takes humanity pages to describe a single word that meant honour to Cathars, in Occitan. That word was “Paratge”, and you can read more about it on this link:

Whole nations can be annihilated, but Truth cannot be destroyed. For hundreds of years, brave individuals and groups secretly kept the Cathar message alive. Rewritten in modern language in 2006, the Divine Order of the Cathar Testament today stands tall as the only comprehensive doctrine that appropriately describes the relationship between God and man. The prediction about the Return of the Cathars is fulfilled:

While the three most advanced Souls of the Universe worked their way to Divinity, including via lifetimes as Cathars, in the spiritual dimension, they started around the point which chronologically corresponds Middle Age, with the building of the One. The One is a productive and creative community of accomplished purified Souls, who live in an environment without pain. At this chronological point, the One is becoming functional. The first phase of humanity completed. The Last Judgment already happens.

The remains of the Souls who persecuted and harmed those who undertook to carry the torch for humanity will be exhibited for eternity, to remind all consciousness of the degree of evil that had been borne on Earth, in pursuit of the illusion of worldly power.

Any abuse by groups or individuals perpetrated in Christ’s name is subject to the hardest of punishments, because of all the doctrines, Christianity was from the start closest to God, and it emerged from the most peaceful and loving approach of a Soul destined for Divinity to humanity.

The Cathar equilateral cross represents Truth and Balance. The double cross appears in Cathar coats of arms. The cross with a longer descending arm is the symbol of suffering.

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