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Abraham Lincoln, God and Guide  
The real Abraham Lincoln how he was revealed to me.
The Murder of Abraham Lincoln  
The Truth about the murder of Abraham Lincoln.
Jesuits in the Assassination of Lincoln  
The role of the Jesuits in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
Lincoln's Depression  
His fears were substantiated. From that perspective, the problem was in the tendency to comment on his behaviour against irrelevant criteria.
Murder Similarities  
Similarities surrounding the murders of Abraham Lincoln and JF Kennedy.
To Friends and Enemies  
Address of 25.01.2013 to Dr Cathar friends and enemies. Edited 16.04.2014.
Chronology of Cathar Events  
The Truth put simply. Cathar History.
2013 Greeting  
Good News for everyone. Uploaded 14.01.2013
Arnaud Amaury  
An analytical discourse on the massacre at Beziers and on the famous words... A fine piece by James McDonald. With thanks to the author.
St. Bernard  
The Christian glories in the death of the pagan, because Christ is thereby glorified. The story of a Catholic Saint.
Cathars in Slovakia  
Cathars in Slovakia, forms part one. Cathars in England, from www.cathar.info, forms part two.
Regulations - Inquisition - Toulouse  
Regulations of the Synod of Toulouse Concerning the Inquisition, 1229
The Exile and Return of Dagobert II  
Events and personalities connected to the life and death of Dagobert II of Austrasia.
Dagobert of Austrasia II  
Life of Dagobert II in brief.
Bishop John Hooper  
The Second Bishop of Gloucester would be a role model to anyone following the Truth, regardless of time, creed, or denomination. - A Tribute.
The Sacking of Constantinople  
The sheer evil of the Papal crusades.
Otto Rahn  
A Tribute.
Montsegur and Carcassonne  
Some background on two popular Cathar locations.
Coptic Christianity  
The Copts and Christian Civilisation.

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