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The Return of the Cathars  
The Cathars have returned to all parts of the World. Cathardom is being recognised as the true teaching of God and the true Christianity.
The Next Phase  
The significance of 21.12.2012. The role of the Roman Church in history. The Ten Commandments. New Generation of Souls takes over. Version of 08.02.2019
God and the Apocalypse  
The Great Revelation explained.
The Power of Knowing  
Unlike experiencing God and living with Him, Faith stands on clay legs of a will to believe. Version of 18.04.2014.
What makes a Cathar  
The merits that make a Cathar. New version of 12.05.2014
The Church War on the Cathars  
A well written overview article. A must for all beginners. Many thanks to the author.
The Great Esclarmonde  
Esclarmonde the Saint and Esclarmonde the Hero blended into one legendary figure of the Great Eclarmonde of the Cathars. Read about each. From Richard Stanley, edited.
Esclarmonde and the Cathars  
Glen Craney pays tribute to Esclarmode of Foix and the Cathars.
The Cathar Genocide  
These events have changed the history of man, but your teacher told you little about them and almost certainly, not the Truth. An original article by James McDonald.
The Third Soul  
The Holy Ghost and the Trinity explained rationally.
Political Background to the Cathar Genocide  
The political reasons and the implications of the Cathar genocide. Extracted from www.cathar.info
The Shroud of Turin  
The man in the Shroud and how the image will have formed. Version of 09.10.2016.
The Knights Templar  
The Knights Templar, connection to the Cathars, and the Shroud of Turin.
The Merovingian Dynasty  
Based on an article by Tracy R Twyman. With thanks.
The Demise of the Templars  
The demise of the Templars, the De Molay course, and where did Friday the 13th come from.
Why the Church was out to destroy the Cathars  
A mystical presentation on the principles of the Cathar Teaching.
Cathar Honour  
Occitanians used a word modern language does not know; it meant more than honour, an abbreviated and lightly edited article by James McDonald.
Cathars Recorded Heretics  
A view on the Cathars and Cathar beliefs from the Catholic perspective of the Middle Ages.
Medieval Roman Inquisition  
An overview of the History and Practices of the Roman Inquistion with focus on the Cathars, in the Middle Ages, by Dr M D Magee. A fascinating read explaining the underpinning legislation.
Cathar and Catholic Views  
Cathars and Cathar Beliefs in the Languedoc - Official and Cathar views
The Struggles for a New Church  
This article focuses on Cathardom as an alternative Church movement, and takes it beyond Monts├ęgur.
Evolution of Christianity  
From persecuted followers of Christ to persecution via State terror.
A Pragmatic View on the Cathars  
By Brian Creese, lightly edited
The Papal Office Constitutes Blasphemy  
The Papal Office constitutes Blasphemy according to the Bible.
Roman Catholic Church  
A few facts on the Roman Catholic Church and the Church propaganda against the Cathars.
Who Created the Catholic Church  
About the genesis and the duality of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Lombrives  
The beautiful caves that became the resting place of over 500 immured Cathars.

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