Applying the Cathar approach to healing the Body & Soul,
via modern communications technology (Skype), Cathar Parfaite, Doctor of Sociology, and international academic author Corascendea helped people all over the World to see equally into their life ahead, as they may see into their past lives, depending on which is important in order to recognise own purpose and feel satisfaction from life. Her approach is unique.


She works under direct guidance of the First Divine Soul. Information that is received almost instantly leads to a positive transformation of a person's perception of life.


Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, 1721-1764, was a supporter of the Enlightenment during the reign of Louis XV. She became better known as Madame de Pompadour. Pastel portrait by Maurice Quentin de La Tour.


While a Regression unveils the causes of existing and recurring problems from a past lifetime, or even from several lifetimes, during a Progression the client identifies the nature of own tasks, and grasps the reasons why would he or she as a Soul choose them.


Based on her comprehensive understanding of the Divine Laws (from The Cathar Testament) Corascendea helps people to recognise the correct path in life. When a person identifies with their right path, which he or she will have chosen before they were born, a positive confirmation in form of a feel of bliss and contentment sets in.

It is natural to hold on to well-rehearsed patterns learned from previous lifetimes. But the purpose of incarnation is the growth of a Soul and the aim of any subsequent incarnations is to fill any gaps and move into new possibilities. Some even talk of carrying a cross and the bigger and more noble the Soul, the bigger also its cross.


A surprising number of people seem to waste life's precious opportunities by insisting on pre-determined patterns. Human individuality is being conditioned into a homogenous mass of sheep expected to clamber after the same, usually economically defined, goals. People willingly subject to the television, but very few ever listen to the voice of their own hearts. Money or possessions have not yet made a person happy, because true happiness emanates from a Soul satisfied with life's progress. Well known was the case of the richest heiress in the world who committed suicide, because she failed to find love.


The importance of self-understanding. Although a session is unlikely to remove a problem, just grasping the reasons why it presents, usually helps. Seldom is the aim to beat someone into the ground. Life may take different turns at times, but a guided Soul's path will firmly lead to a defined goal. It pays to bear in mind that not everyone is guided and that trial and error Souls would often act in ways that may appear challenging towards those on a path. From the outside, all human beings look very similar. But when it comes even just to the size of a Soul, the difference can be more than a hundred fold. This would show in the person's character and in their abilities. It was for his genius and the many dimensions of his Soul's capabilities, that Leonardo da Vinci, also pre-destined for Divinity, became probably the most significant giant of all times, in incarnation.

A conscious connection with own Spirit Guide opens up new horizons. If a person retains a conscious connection with their Spirit Guide it will speed up their progress. Particularly Souls from higher Soul groups tend to have unconventional paths, often connected with the feeling of isolation from society due to being different. The Guide would be a Soul who will have during own incarnations learned the type of lessons the Guided Soul currently needs to learn, and will provide the support the guided person longs for and needs, in order to succeed. A Guide is to the guided person like a father, a teacher and a best friend, in one. Those who are sincerely dedicated to their path can with the help of their Spirit Guide reach heights they would otherwise be unable to contemplate. Corascendea is usually able to tell the Soul group the person is aiming at.

The sessions are non-hypnotic and trauma free. The person retains their normal consciousness throughout.   Corascendea formulates the questions, the answers to which come directly from the person. Most people see and feel their past, or future. During regression some even get the sounds and the smells. Others only get an awareness of events. In some cases the form of a consultation is more suited, during which Corascendea translates into normal human language the meaning of significant or recurrent dreams, visions, or premonitions. Corascendea's Divine Spirit Guide Lysseus tends to complete the clues, at the end. A session lasts about two hours.


Even minor details are important. The direction of a movement, the colour of clothes, the size of any objects, the order in which they appear, and the material they appear to be made of, etc. all of these details would be significant, as much of it would be symbolical. The symbolism is a form of spiritual language by which the Guide conveys in an instant the colour of emotion, attitudes and motives which would in human language take long to describe.


Seeing in a session a form of entertainment would debase its worth. It is about what the person learns from it. No one can come to the session demanding what they want to know. Everyone gets what they need to know. Unless advised by the Guides to continue, it is unreasonable to repeat and push for more than what is given. A year, or even longer, is typically needed to adequately process key information from just one lifetime. The better the candidate understands the Divine Laws, the easier would he or she grasp the key issues affecting own Being and be able to shape own life in a way that becomes deeply rewarding.

Following agreement, payment per Price List needs to be deposited in advance. It is accepted when the client confirms satisfaction. Please do not let a possible lack of money deter you from contacting Corascendea with an issue that is important and is bothering you, if you think she may be able to help.


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