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About me...

With Abbie, Peppi and Katie

Background and Education

I was born in Bratislava, a city on the Danube, also known as Presburg (this name steming from Austro-Hungaria, and still used in Austria), in the heart of Europe, and about 20 miles from the outskirts of Vienna. Through my ancestry line I have a German and an Austro-Hungarian origin. From childhood I was multilingual. I was educated in Slovak, and completed my University education to Ph.D. at the Komenius University in Bratislava.

My main subjects in secondary education were humanities and I took a University degree in Sociology. Following a postgraduate degree detour into International Trade, I returned to my original subjects, and gained a Ph.D. in Sociology and Philosophy in 1981. Only after I left Slovakia in 1983 for the UK, and experienced the broader spectrum of education in Europe, did I realize with what superior education and academic standards was I equipped by my Slovak schools and the Komenius University, in particular.

Prior to becoming a spiritual healer and teacher of healing, I worked for six years for the Open University Business School in Milton Keynes as a Research Fellow. As a British national I studied cross-cultural differences in management, between Britain and other countries of Europe. The focus of my work was on the human factor, on the different values that business managers adhere to in different cultures, and on the resultant differences in patterns of behaviour. I studied and explained why people in different countries react to the same business situations differently and how that affects successful collaboration between nations. My research found that cultural differences are decisive when it comes to the success or otherwise of a country's economy in relation to specific industries. With the support of my research director I developed a cross-cultural comparative model and recommendations were presented on how further study of different cultures using the same model could advance the success of British companies in the UK and abroad. Up until then, the cross-cultural factor was largely overlooked by British authors, as that continues to be the case to date. My cross-cultural findings were well received by the practicing management and my seminars were considered great success with managers from the UK and abroad, but the UK academic world on whom the possible funding of further projects depended, buried the proposals. The conservative secretary for Trade and Industry expressed his support, but with the change to Labour, that avenue closed, as well.

Whilst still employed by the Open University, I was introduced to Reiki by a friend, and from the point when the book on Anglo-German business collaboration went to print, I was destined to become a healer and a teacher of healing.

I have a spiritual family background. My father did not subscribe to a religion, but he always asserted that there is a good purpose behind everything that happens. My mother had psychic abilities, and was able to sense events of relevance to her concerns before they happened. As a small child I saw my third eye each time I closed my eyes. I thought that everyone sees what I saw, when they close their eyes. I am now aware that I was communicating with my Spirit Guide since my earliest years, although then I thought I was just a lonely child born into difficult times who is encouraged to think deeper than other children of my age tended to. In the 1950s my parents were persecuted by the so called "communist" regime, and we were made destitute. My mother was seriously ill throughout my childhood. With little play and joy as a child, I have unwittingly, started speaking with my Guide who taught me the values of wisdom and self-respect before I went to school.

Only much later, when studying Philosophy as part of the Sociology course, came I to realize that the answers to the many questions that puzzled other students came to me when I sat as a small child in my poor granny's beautiful huge forest garden, "all by myself". As a child I had become close to the Nature, the Trees, Plants, the Smell of the Earth, the Stars and the Sun and most of all, to Animals. Not realising that I talked with my Spirit Guide, I became convinced that I could talk with animals, and I believed that they silently talked back to me. Only much later, as a mature adult, did I realize that far from an underprivileged child, I was the chosen lucky one who received more love and attention from as early on as I could remember from God, than anyone else I know. What God might have had in store for me, was revealed by the configuration of stars when I was born. My Birth Chart

Bratislava c1980

Spirituality and Healing

From childhood, and throughout my adulthood, there seemed to have been a remarkable string of "unlikely" recoveries from serious illness involving members of my family, and my dog.  My mother was very seriously ill from her late 30s, and into her 40s, but she unexpectedly recovered, and died at 74.  My grandmother, at the age of 81, recovered from terminal illness and blissfully remarried at the age of 82.  In 1983 my pet dog Riki, then 11 and whilst in the quarantine in the UK, became diagnosed by three different vets with terminal cancer and with only weeks to live. When he was finally released home "to die", after the 6 months of detention, he fully recovered, enjoyed additional 7 happy and boisterous years, and died of old age when 18 years and 3 moths old in 1990.   For years I thought how remarkable it was, that in the case of my loved ones, the conventional physicians were so prone to making mistakes in their diagnoses! 

I had a diverse professional life spanning nearly 20 years, involving research or international trade, and I was a mother. But it was the string of extraordinary experiences, like the recovery of my mother after everyone else gave up on her, that prompted me to explore healing when I became introduced to it. After I started practicing Reiki, I eventually recognised that following my touch people I was able to love unconditionally, healed.

I have become a healer and teacher of healing in 1996. I started with the Traditional Usui Reiki, followed with the Japanese Usui Reiki style.  I enjoyed using Crystals with Reiki.  Sekhem healing seemed very pleasant, and I felt comfortable using it, but Ki therapy, Touch for Health, and other more hands on approaches I trained in between 1996 and 2002 suited others better than me. From December 2002, I only work with the Divine energies of Dhaxem.

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